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We build smart chatbots for businesses or brands of all sizes. This includes bots for Facebook Messenger, websites and more. Every business is different so we work with you to create a solution that meets your goals and budget.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a service that can be connected to Facebook Messenger or to your website in order to provide an immediate response to help your customers get the information they need quickly. Chatbots also called Messenger bots can be programmed or trained to respond to questions or perform actions. A chatbot is designed to simulate human conversation. Taken from the words chat robot, they allow for highly engaging conversational experiences.

The format of the question and response can be any type of chat interface or even a web-based chat or SMS text messaging system. The responses typed in by the human can be captured as data to direct further actions by the chatbot, such as book an appointment, Get directions to a business, or call the business. Any business or person can also collect the data in order to make better decisions and respond quickly to customer issues.

How does it work?

A chatbot provides an automated chat interface to your customers. It can answer a very high percentage of common questions 24x7x365.  There are two general types of chatbots used today. Most are used for Messenger marketing, but there are ways to develop more intelligent chatbots that can solve real-world challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

Q & A Based Chatbots: These chatbots use pre-determined questions and answers to help customers. They use menus called “Quick Replies” and buttons to allow the person to respond to options presented by the chatbot. These are the most common chatbots that can be used for most businesses.

AI Based Chatbots: These are more advanced chatbots that use a part of Artificial Intelligence called “Natural Language Processing” that allows the chatbot to understand natural conversation. They can be used for more advanced scenarios and respond to any variation of questions being asked by customers.

Current Chatbot Platforms

There are many different platforms where chatbots can be used. Our team is 100% dedicated to helping you select the best platform and solution to build your chatbot on. Check out the various platforms below to get an understanding of which one is right for your business and goals. We will provide a custom and free quote to help you find the best solution for your needs.

We've got your bot solution covered


ManyChat is the #1 bot platform for Facebook Messenger. It is changing the way small businesses talk to their customers across marketing, commerce, and support. We provide full Messenger Marketing implementation and support.

Smart Website Bots

BOTCOPY is the easiest way to put your Dialogflow agent on your website. Works with Google Assistant response types. BOTCOPY offers a custom rich UI web chat that works with Dialogflow and easy to brand on your website.


Dialogflow lets you create real conversational interfaces by adding real AI to your chatbot. You can provide a powerful natural language understanding (NLU) engine to process and understand natural language input.


Your bot should be the friendly face that represents your business. Most customers and clients are very aware of scripted conversations in marketing and technical support. We help you build a personality into your new chatbot.


Every bot we design comes with training on the platform our customers select. We always provide training as part of our chatbot solution. We feel it is extremely important that our customers are able to support themselves.

Bot Analytics

We can provide bot analytics so you can optimize customer service response and effectiveness. Identify mishandled and unhandled intents and increase user satisfaction. Supported on most conversation interfaces as an integration.

Top Chatbot Use Cases

There are many uses for chatbots in many different industries and using different platforms. Here are some specific areas where they are currently being used. This is just a small example of use cases there are more developed each day. We hope these ideas will spark your interest in building your chatbot service and idea in your industry. Don’t be shy, feel free to reach out to us and ask anything you want about chatbots, we are here to help you reach your business goal.

Customer Service

Chatbots can be programmed to answer FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. They can also resolve issues related to customer queries like anytime customers call for the same information, hours of operation or pending orders that can be looked up.

Book Appointments

Chatbots are currently being used to book appointments automatically for customers, clients, and internal employees within companies.

Marketing Automation

Chatbot messages on platforms such as Facebook messenger, SMS, and websites have a much higher open and response percentage than traditional forms of marketing such as email or pay per click marketing. With the right chatbot service, you can run automated drip campaigns and chat blasts to get more customers, clients and build your list quickly.

Sales Assistance

Chatbots can be integrated into your CRM to increase efficiency by notifying your sales employees of new leads. This reduction in response time can lead to quick conversions.

Business Productivity

Chatbots can be integrated into back end systems like CRMs, IT Help Desk Systems, and HR systems. They can be built to check sales, automate marketing, inventory status, and perform employee onboarding services.

Human Resources

Companies are finding new ways to use AI and chatbots to provide automation for human resources. Some of the HR chatbots being used today can handle the pre-screening process, on-boarding and answer common questions about company policies.


Lead Qualification

Chatbots are very effective for lead generation especially using social media platforms because of high open and engagement rates. They can be used to present content consistently to educate your prospective buyers about your brand. Leads can be automatically brought into your CRM to increase efficiency and sales.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Chatbots are really making a big impact on e-commerce businesses by offering consumers a better experience while shopping. They are also commonly used to alert customers about the item they left in the shopping cart. A recent survey says that a large number of shoppers abandon their shopping carts. Since they don’t provide their email address it is impossible to send an email notifying them.


Notifications and Alerts

Chatbots are great for notifying your customers and clients by sending alerts. This can be done through SMS, social media platforms and push notifications on mobile apps.


News Publishing

Many news agencies have successfully built bots to inform the public of breaking news. You have daily news delivered to your Facebook Messenger app.

Our team will work with you to build exactly the bot you need!

We love building chatbots for companies of any size. The opportunities available on different platforms are limitless. That’s why we have put together a team of engineers, developers, and designers with over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to deliver the best chatbot solution for your organization.

Paul Gallovich, Senior Developer

Industries Using Chatbots

There are so many industries building and using chatbots. Here are a few industries that have embraced the technology using AI. We will be adding more case studies below.


Many retail stores and restaurants have found very useful features and benefits for their customers by using conversational chatbots.


Contact your customers quickly and efficiently if they abandon their shopping cart.


Travel agencies can benefit from automated chatbot reservation agents providing 24/7 customer support. Other use cases include customer care management. travel booking and updates on your flight status.


Marketing automation features like chatbots can save a lot of time. Reach a larger audience on multiple platforms.


More banking institutions are implementing AI and chatbots. This can provide quick service, balance inquiry, account details and foster more engagement. It is estimated that this can save banks billions of dollars.

Information Technology

Provide you automated responses to common technology issues for help desk or customer support. Automatically book appointments for installations and projects.


Education has benefited greatly from chatbots. improve communication to parents and students. Increase productivity and provide course information and content.


Create a bot that can provide more options for buying assistance. Get more car sales leads or provide support and educational content to consumers on a mobile platform.

Mobile First

Chatbots should be created with the Mobile First mindset. It makes perfect sense, a very large percentage of potential customers use their mobile device to browse the web, check email and chat. This is why it is critical to develop systems that make mobile first a priority.

Chat-Intelligence Features

You get the following features when you sign up for our chatbot services. We will be adding more features each month. Our goal is to provide you with tools and services you need for your business.

Custom Chatbots

Our team will work with you side by side to build you the right bot you’ve always wanted.

Chatbot Blasting

Blast messages to all of your subscribers on Facebook.

Chatbot Drip Campaigns

Run drip campaigns to your segmented audiences on Facebook.

Documented Workflows

We will document all of your chatbots and workflows.

Software Updates

We will be updating our software as much as possible to address any issues that affect you.

Technical Support

We will have technical support to help you meed your goals.

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